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You're getting a face like a guiri

Welcome to the web for buy spanish food as if you were in Spain.

Take a look at our catalog with hundreds of brand references and typical spanish products

As they would say in your town, and you, whose are you?

As they would say in your town, And you, whose are you?

This is the story of any Spaniard living outside Spain 🥲 :

They tell you all your life that "nowhere like here". That we have lots of sun and lots of bars open until late 💃

Then you go abroad and discover that there are things out there that aren't bad.

However, when it's time to eat... oh, there's no arguing here.

It's because the food in Spain, there are no substitutes.
Or because really: you can't eat anywhere like here.

There's no fish and chips to cure the longing for a good ham. There aren't enough bratwurst in the world to fill the void.
No, there aren't 🙅

Maybe you're a little luckier and you're in Italy getting your pasta and pizza fix. Maybe you'll find some relief there, but you'll get a rigatoni face and you'll get tired of it.... And no matter how much you say you're fine, that now you have a better quality of life, that it's not raining as much as you thought and all those things, there's something you can't deny: You would kill to have at your fingertips the Spanish products that you grew up with and that make you feel at home 🏠

That is our goal, and that is why we have created Ole Food Market, an online supermarket where you can buy products that bring you closer to home, wherever you are 🌍


Do you want it all?

Do you want to see them all?

If you're more of a dog than Niebla and you miss Spanish cuisine, but you're too lazy to choose products from a catalogue with so many references, in these OLE PACKS we've already done it for you.

Here you will find our selection of products with which you can buy Spanish food for different occasions.

Give yourself a treat, or if you have friends or family abroad and a gift to give, we guarantee that any of these packs will be sure to hit the spot.

For now, we have created 4 different Ole Packs for you to choose from

👵🏻 If you want nothing more than a good spoon dish of those that raise a dead, throw yourself to the pack "Grandma would be proud. And make him be, come on.

🍷 If you miss a representation of the most typical products of our land, the pack "Homesickness" It is all you need. Quality sausage, fried tomato, ColaCao, good wine ... Don't they say that we are a country of contrasts?

🧟‍♂️ If since you don't have breakfast like here, on Mondays you have an even more bitter face, yours is the pack "I hate Mondays”. Have a Spanish breakfast with its good oil, its Iberian ham, its Tostarica cookies ... Seriously, don't eat beans for breakfast, don't fall for it, please don't.

🏆 And if I'm late and you're already having beans for breakfast, get the biggest boost with the pack "I hate mondays (and a lot)”And returns to honor breakfast. We would send you churros, but since they would not arrive in optimal conditions, we have prepared a pack for you to start the day like a champion.

Let's be honest the perfect gift DOES exist! 🎁

Spanish gastronomy online, what you need to make typical Spanish dishes

If your Spotify could talk, it would tell you that since when are you so flamenco.

Since when do you like copla, if you were incapable of getting out of indie rock and modern groups?

It turns out that you go to live abroad and the Spanish feeling goes through the roof?
It seems that way.
When you live outside Spain you learn to value everything you used to take for granted:

Your family, your friends, yes.

But also the tapas with the beer. The fried tomato. The pickled mussels. Colacao and a long etcetera

I have a true story to prove it👇 :

The day before catching a plane to London to visit my friend Álvaro, he phoned me with a special request. I had already spent time away from Spain, so I knew it was quite normal to take advantage of visits like pack mules loaded with sausage.

However, Álvaro's request blew my mind.... Chickpeas, but not the stew kind. The ones from the typical scrambled eggs as an aperitif. Those that everyone takes away. There is a shop that sells them by weight. Go and get me a kilo.

I thought this kid was a mess. Who wants chickpeas when there is Iberian ham. You have to be an idiot...

But I did, and when I saw him and gave him the chickpeas he told me that that was what he missed most about Spain.

This Álvaro is a unique guy, yes. Although what happens to him with chickpeas, happens to all of us with other things.

Because when you live abroad you don't just miss the typical Spanish products.

You also miss the products you consume regularly, which are part of your daily life and which you don't have access to now.

That's why at Ole Food Market we don't just sell typical Spanish food
we also bring the best-selling products in Spain to your new home. Which are often the ones you miss the most.

In addition to the usual brands, we offer you the entire Mercadona catalogue direct to your home.

The products that are sold the most in Spain

Erasmusmlynas baltame fone

Typical Spanish food shop for those of you who are out

And who better than Erasmus?

I don't know if you deserve it, but we have also remembered you, Erasmus.

We know that your life is harder than it seems.

A good Erasmus worth its salt must be able to combine studies with going out to party every day. And those are two jobs in one.

However, you are in luck because now you will be able to buy Spanish products online.

And we all know that there is no hangover that does not cure some macaroni and chorizo or some lentils.

Full energy to keep digging in and raising your elbow.

You can also get together a few and spend the few euros you have left to enjoy a Spanish feast.

With Lola Flores in the background. Tell me it's not a great plan. 💃

Spanish Cuisine For Dummies

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