Meanings of our most appetizing sayings

Enjoy, here they are

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  • Longer / harder than a day without bread: Your first use of this expression is the most common. It is used to refer to something that is becoming very heavy due to its long duration. For example, a bad day at work can last longer than a day without bread.
    The second use that can be given to this expression is applied to people. If someone is longer than a day without bread, then we are talking about someone really tall
  • Order elm pears: That is to say, the elm is a tree that has its own fruits, but that in no case are pears, which come from another tree called a pear tree. Well, asking for pears from the elm tree means asking for something impossible, something that is not natural or wanting to demand too much.
  • Turn the tortilla: it means radically changing a situation. That is, something is happening or you are in a situation and you do something that changes that situation completely.
  • Don't get it with cheese: That they do not give it to you with cheese serves to warn when we sense that someone can deceive another person, that they can harm them. If we think about the phrase we can imagine that it means that the cheese will serve as a distraction
  • It is not clean wheat: It is said that someone is not clean wheat when he simulates something that he is not, when he is someone false, someone bad who is good, someone you cannot trust because he is not really sincere.
  • Cut the cod: It is an expression that is used to talk about people who have power in a specific situation or place ...
  • To bread, bread and wine, wine: It indicates that you have to say things clearly and bluntly.
  • Even in the soup: It indicates that a person or thing is, is seen or is everywhere.
  • Put the icing on the cake: end a performance in a pleasant way or what is the same, finish something very well. A cake is always a nice thing and the icing is the last thing you put on when you finish and decorate.
  • Like an egg to a chestnut: there are things that are similar on the outside but on the inside they are very different. An egg and a chestnut are the same size and shape but are not alike in anything else
  • Eat the coconut: thinking continuously and intensely about something specific

We hope that these clarifications have helped you to decipher our mission and our vision, or simply that they have made you have a good time 🤩

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