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For now, we have created 4 different Ole Packs for you to choose from

👵🏻 If you want nothing more than a good spoon dish of those that raise a dead, throw yourself to the pack "Grandma would be proud. And make him be, come on.

🍷 If you miss a representation of the most typical products of our land, the pack "Homesickness" It is all you need. Quality sausage, fried tomato, ColaCao, good wine ... Don't they say that we are a country of contrasts?

🧟‍♂️ If since you don't have breakfast like here, on Mondays you have an even more bitter face, yours is the pack "I hate Mondays”. Have a Spanish breakfast with its good oil, its Iberian ham, its Tostarica cookies ... Seriously, don't eat beans for breakfast, don't fall for it, please don't.

🏆 And if I'm late and you're already having beans for breakfast, get the biggest boost with the pack "I hate mondays (and a lot)”And returns to honor breakfast. We would send you churros, but since they would not arrive in optimal conditions, we have prepared a pack for you to start the day like a champion.

Let's be honest the perfect gift DOES exist! 🎁

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