Lentejas, platos de cuchara, lentejas de la abuela, chorizo, tomate frito, guisos, comida española

LENTILS ... If you want, you can eat them and if not ...

... you leave them 😌

What will you need?

How do you make it?

In a pressure cooker, include all the ingredients except the lentils. Cover the pot and boil for 15 minutes over medium heat.

The lentils are added and the whole is boiled for another 10 or 15 minutes over medium heat.

And you have your lentils ready to eat!



As we assume that you already know, lentils have been in Spanish gastronomy for a long time and that has led to several sayings around them, and here we tell you some curious facts 🧐

Where does the expression ‘Lentils, old woman's food, come from, if you want them, eat them and if not, leave them? It is said because this legume, well cooked, softens to such an extent that it does not require chewing.

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