Arroz con cosas AKA Paella Valenciana

Rice with things AKA Valencian Paella

What will you need to prepare paella for 4?

  • Olive oil (about 30-50g)
  • Chicken drumsticks (to taste)
  • Rabbit (to taste)
  • Green beans (a handful)
  • Crushed tomato (a 500ml can)
  • Sweet paprika (one tablespoon)
  • Saffron (two sachets)
  • Rice (half a glass per person)
  • Water
  • Salt



  1. We put the oil in the paella and a little salt around it so that the paella does not burn
  2. We fry the meat together with the beans.
  3. The crushed tomato is added
  4. Add a heaping tablespoon of sweet paprika
  5. We add water quickly until all the ingredients are covered
  6. Saffron is added 
  7. When the water goes down a bit, add the rice and give it a spin
  8. We wait for the rice to absorb the water
  9. and ready! Take advantage! 👌



Y here a Pantomime Full video about paella to have a good time! 😂

Although if you really want to know what is NOT in the paella @motherindignant it's your account 🤣

And now that your appetite has been whetted, you will tell us how you have been given that paella with a foreign touch 🧑‍🍳